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Galapagos Itineraries

Yacht Isabela II’s excellently-crafted itineraries allow for some of the best-in-class wildlife and island coverage in Galapagos. Many of this yacht’s excursions take place at exclusive visitor sites too, meaning guests will often have entire areas to themselves. Multiple naturalist guides on Yacht Isabela II also means that guests have the added freedom to choose from a wider range of activities on each day of their itinerary.

Safety and sustainability are both at the forefront of Yacht Isabela II, with a 24-hour onboard Medical Officer and its own water treatment plant. This is also one of the few yacht’s in Galapagos that comes equipped with plenty of the definitive exploration tools (dinghies, kayaks, snorkeling gear, paddleboards, etc.) that you’ll need to experience Galapagos properly, including a glass-bottom boat!

Day 1

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

  • Guests arrive and land at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno’s airport and are transferred to the dock. Guests come aboard Yacht Isabela II, check in, receive an introductory briefing and have lunch onboard.

Cerro Colorado & Tortoise Breeding Center

  • At Cerro Colorado, guests visit the breeding center for the highly-endangered giant tortoises in the midst of a fantastic deciduous forest, home to dozens of bird species and the endemic San Cristobal lava lizard.

Day 2

Prince Philip’s Steps

  • The afternoon starts with a very interesting dinghy ride along the cliffs before guests disembark at Prince Philip’s Steps – the start of a steep but short climb up a wooden staircase. Once at the top, the terrain is pretty flat, which allows for a mesmerizing, mile-long walk to the other side of this small island. Along the way, guests will get to check out large colonies of Nazca boobies, frigatebirds and storm petrels as well as the elusive short-eared owl. Those not wishing to disembark can enjoy a longer inflatable dinghy ride along the cliffs (depending on weather conditions). Snorkeling and kayaking activities are available here.

Darwin Bay

  • Guests land at the beach for an easy stroll that involves observing hundreds of birds, mainly frigatebirds, red-footed and Nazca boobies, gulls, herons, finches and mockingbird

Day 3

Buccaneer Cove

  • After breakfast, guests will get to explore the coastline along the impressive cliffs of Buccaneer Cove, all while learning about the area’s history. This cove is home to a large number of seabirds, sea lions, and inter-tidal organisms. They’ll also get to marvel at the fantastic geological formations such as “Elephant Rock” and “The Bishop” as well as an impressive natural cave. Guests here will have the chance to go snorkeling, take a ride on the dinghy or the glass-bottom boat.

Puerto Egas

  • This visitor site offers guests a wonderful opportunity to see land and seabirds amid a landscape full of tuff-stone layers and lava flows. At low tide, marine iguanas can be spotted grazing upon the algae beds and we can also observe a colony of fur seals.

Day 4

Punta Espinoza (Fernandina Island)

  • In the morning, guests will visit the youngest and most pristine island of the archipelago – Fernandina. This island is ranked among one of the top islands to visit in Galapagos, by guests and guides alike. Guests will discover an amazing interplay between barren terrain and abundant wildlife. Highlights here include: hawks, penguins, flightless cormorants and astounding views of the surrounding volcanic landscapes.

Tagus Cove (Isabela Island)

  • Over on the northwest side of Isabela is secluded Tagus Cove – an anchorage spot that once served as a pit stop for pirates and whalers for several centuries. Nowadays, Tagus Cove is a superb visitor site. Upon disembarking, guests will partake in an uphill hike that takes them to the rear of Darwin Crater, which consists entirely of salt water. Afterwards, guests can choose to snorkel or ride kayaks along the dramatic coastal landscape.

Day 5

Urbina Bay

  • After breakfast, guests will disembark at Urbina Bay over on the western side of Isabela Island. This visitor site happens to be the result of the tectonic uplift of the ocean floor! As a result, guests will get to see plenty of corals and shells alongside large and very colorful Galapagos land iguanas. After the hike, guests are welcome to snorkel and possibly even encounter flightless cormorants and penguins while in the water!

Punta Vicente Roca

  • Because there is no disembarking site at this location, this coastal exploration is done aboard dinghies. Naturalist guides will explain the dramatic geology of the area that are made up of lava flows and tuff stone layers. There is abundant wildlife present here and, depending on weather conditions, guests will be able to snorkel along the cliffs, most likely in the company of green sea turtles!

Day 6

Rabida Island

  • In the morning, guests will disembark at Rabida Island’s red-colored beach. A stroll along the beach allows guests to observe marine iguanas, mockingbirds, yellow warblers and several species of Darwin’s finches. This is a great place to snorkel from the beach, too. Non-snorkelers are invited to ride Yacht Isabela II’s glass-bottom boat for an exploration of life underneath the waves.

Cerro Dragon (Dragon Hill) [Santa Cruz Island]

  • The north shore of Santa Cruz hosts the fascinating landscapes of Cerro Dragon (Dragon Hill). The walk here involves casually circling a brackish-water lagoon that’s often frequented by lagoon birds. Further inland, the trail offers a beautiful view of the bay as well as the western islands of the archipelago. Guests might even be lucky enough to observe land iguanas here, too!

Day 7

Baltra Island

  • The journey ends at Baltra Island, where guests will be transferred to the airport to take their flight back to the mainland.

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The Vessel

Yacht Isabela II is ideally-designed for Galapagos expedition cruising. It offers handsome installations to perfectly complement the day’s outings, providing guests with the perfect, intimate space for exploring Darwin’s islands in absolute comfort. Traditionalists will enjoy feeling at home with a crew that has remained almost unchanged for years, leading to seamless attention to detail that will make the entire journey feel extra special.

Additionally, Yacht Isabela II recently (mid-2018) underwent a complete and drastic renovation process that saw its interior and exterior areas completely refreshed and updated.


Guests are invited to enjoy the fresh air atop the Sun deck or find fascinating books about nature and history in the library. Delicious meals – served impeccably in the dining room or al fresco – will nourish the senses as a well-deserved reward after each and every expedition. Guests are more than welcome to take a break in the hot tub, stay strong in the fitness room, or have a drink at the bar or outside as they sunbathe.

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