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Galapagos Itineraries

Yacht La Pinta’s excellently-crafted itineraries allow for some of the best-in-class wildlife and island coverage in Galapagos. Many of this yacht’s excursions take place at exclusive visitor sites too, meaning guests will often have entire areas to themselves. Multiple naturalist guides on Yacht La Pinta also means that guests have the added freedom to choose from a wider range of activities on each day of their itinerary.

Safety and sustainability are both at the forefront of Yacht La Pinta, with a 24-hour onboard Medical Officer onboard and its own water treatment plant. This is also one of the few yacht’s in Galapagos that comes equipped with plenty of definitive exploration tools (dinghies, kayaks, snorkeling gear, paddleboards, etc.) that you’ll need to experience Galapagos properly, including a glass-bottom boat!

Day 1

Baltra Island

  • This adventure begins with a morning flight to Baltra Island followed by an immediate transfer to the nearby dock to board Yacht La Pinta. After an introductory briefing onboard, guests will partake in an emergency boat drill, be assigned to their cabins and then be invited to lunch. Yacht La Pinta will then raise anchor and start sailing to South Plaza Island for the first afternoon outing.

South Plaza Island

  • The turquoise waters of the channel here contrast brilliantly with the white sand beach and volcanic rocks that make up the shoreline. A carpet of scarlet-colored sesuvium succulents sits at the base of a large cluster of luminescent-green prickly-pear cacti. Crawling around this entire scene are the yellow-greyish land iguanas. Along the coastline, guests will walk right by sea lion colonies while seabirds play along the cliffs of this small but spectacular island.

Day 2

Santa Fe Island

  • Guests take the dinghy from Yacht La Pinta over to this idyllic white-sand beach that’s populated with colonies of sea lions. Galapagos hawks are often easily observed here, typically found sitting perched atop the salt bushes. The brilliantly yellow Santa Fe land iguana, which is exclusive to just this island in the whole world, might also be spotted during the walk. Following the walk, guests have the choice of swimming and snorkeling along a natural wave barrier. Alternatively, they can choose to take a ride aboard Yacht La Pinta’s glass-bottom boat.

Cerro Colorado & Tortoise Breeding Center (San Cristobal Island)

  • After lunch, guests disembark at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the archipelago’s capital city. Following this, they will take a 40-minute drive over to the island’s southern shore. Once there, at Cerro Colorado, guests will visit the Breeding Center for the highly-endangered giant tortoises that amble around a fantastic deciduous forest. This forest is also home to dozens of bird species, including the San Cristobal mockingbird and the San Cristobal lava lizard.

Day 3

Punta Pitt

  • Guests land at the eastern tip of San Cristobal Island on this morning. The trail that ascends from the beach provides spectacular views of the shoreline, allowing guests to observe frigatebirds plus a colony of bachelor sea lions. After the walk there is a chance to swim along the beach and snorkel, weather permitting.

Cerro Brujo

  • After lunch, a dinghy ride along the shores will take guests over to Cerro Brujo’s expansive, white coral beach. This is a great site for walking, with rewarding birdwatching opportunities that feature plenty of seabirds and shorebirds. Galapagos sea lions will also be present. History Fact: These are the same shores that Charles Darwin walked along back in September of 1835

Day 4

Punta Suarez

  • The morning outing at Punta Suárez provides an exciting walk across lava terrain to visit the unique seabird colonies that populate this area. Waved albatrosses (visible from April until January), boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, and the famous “blowhole” geological formation await! Also, guests will want to keep an eye out for the red-green-black marine iguanas! Many regard this site as one of the best in all Galapagos. Afterwards, guests will head back onboard for lunch.

Gardner Bay

  • In the afternoon, guests will disembark at this beautiful, white coral beach for a short walk to observe the sea lions, mockingbirds and finches. Guests can also choose to simply enjoy the beach. There is great snorkeling in this area. Alternatively, guests can opt to kayak or take a ride aboard the glass-bottom boat.

Day 5

Charles Darwin Research Station & Highlands (Santa Cruz Island)

  • After disembarking at the Puerto Ayora docks in the morning, guests will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and get a chance to check out the breeding program for giant tortoises. Guests will also get a good sense of the efforts and progress that the Foundation and National Park have made in terms of conservation. Afterwards, guests hop on a bus that will take them up and over Santa Cruz Island into the highlands. Guests will have lunch and, once we’ve met up with our new group of guests, we’ll all head together to the Giant Tortoise Reserve and walk alongside these humbling giants. Afterwards, we’ll head back down to Puerto Ayora and hop back aboard Yacht La Pinta.

Day 6

Eden Islet (Santa Cruz Island)

  • Following breakfast, a panga ride will take guests down to Eden Islet, located off the coast of Santa Cruz Island, where they can observe blue-footed boobies diving into the water, reef sharks and frigates. There’s a chance to snorkel or ride aboard the La Pinta’s own glass-bottom boat, weather permitting. The volcanic setting of this area is quite stunning due to its variety of volcanic debris, complete with cinder cones, tuff cones, and semi-eroded lava flows.

Sombrero Chino Islet

  • The tiny island of Sombrero Chino gets its name from its appearance, which is reminiscent of a Chinese Hat. This islet, which formed fairly recently, makes for a beautiful visit as one explores the wildlife along its 400-meter long trail, which begins at a crescent-shaped white sand beach. The cove offers excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunities in the company of whitetip reef sharks and Galapagos penguins.

Day 7

Bartolome Island

  • On this morning, an iconic and postcard-worthy Galapagos feature awaits: Bartolome Island. Guests will disembark from their dinghy shuttle boats and begin a steep climb up a wooden staircase where the view from the top makes it well worth the effort! Following the walk, guests will once again hop aboard the dinghies for a ride around the colossal Pinnacle Rock. After this, there will be time for guests to enjoy the beach as well as some snorkeling. Guests can also choose to ride aboard the glass-bottom boat for great views of the underwater world.

Sullivan Bay (Santiago Island)

  • After lunch, guests board the dinghies to disembark at Sullivan Bay over on the east coast of Santiago Island. This visitor site comes complete with a white coral-sand beach, which is great for swimming and snorkeling. Additionally, there’s a trail that goes over a lava field that once flowed here less than 100 years ago. This is the perfect place to see and feel the volcanic origin of Galapagos while observing its wildlife.

Day 8

Darwin Bay

  • In the morning, guests begin their exploration of this island with a casual stroll to observe marine and land birds. There is an optional walk over sharp lava and uneven terrain that rewards guests with dramatic views, too. Otherwise, guests can simply choose to return to the beach to enjoy swimming and snorkeling at this beautiful natural harbor. The more adventurous can opt to snorkel along the cliffs or paddle in sea kayaks.

Prince Philip’s Steps

  • The afternoon starts with a very interesting dinghy ride along the cliffs before guests disembark at Prince Philip’s Steps – the start of a steep but short climb up a wooden staircase. Once at the top, the terrain is pretty flat, which allows for a mesmerizing, mile-long walk to the other side of this small island. Along the way, guests will get to check out large colonies of Nazca boobies, frigatebirds and storm petrels as well as the elusive short-eared owl.

Day 9

Baltra Island Airport

  • The journey ends at Baltra Island, where guests will transfer to the airport to take their flight back to the mainland. Baltra’s flat terrain (due to its tectonically uplifted origin) is the reason for why this island was chosen as the location to build an airport back in the 1940’s.

Departure Dates

La Pinta Yacht departure dates 2019 2020 Magic Ecuador Quito Galapagos 2

La Pinta Yacht departure dates 2019 2020 Magic Ecuador Quito Galapagos 2

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The Vessel

Yacht La Pinta can accommodate up to 48 guests, with ample social areas, an observation deck (towards the bow), wrap-around windows, hot tub, cardio gym, kayaks, glass-bottom boat, sun deck, and sun loungers. This is the ideal vessel for travelers looking for a sophisticated, upscale experience of the islands. La Pinta is considered an ideal vessel for families traveling together, with many connecting cabins. The staff aboard consistently embraces a spirit of adventure, while ensuring safety and comfort at all times.


This spacious yacht is divided into the three following decks: boat deck, cabin deck, and main deck. On this page, you will find pictures and diagrams of these areas so that you can imagine yourself aboard this luxurious yacht!

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